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4 Reasons You’ll Love Working with a Health Coach

4 reasons you'll love working with a health coach

Health coaches are guiding our Twin Cities locals to achieve their goals not only quicker, but with more intention and satisfaction. People LOVE getting coached. It feels great to dedicate time to YOU. Feedback from coaching clients has led to the curation of these top 4 reasons why YOU would love working with a health coach, too.

You love being kept accountable

We all love meeting a goal, crushing a project, exceeding an expectation. A health coach serves as someone to consistently recognize when you have an achievement worth celebrating!

Health coaches typically have scheduled sessions with their clients either by phone, video, or in person. The first items on a typical session agenda are celebration and accountability. Your health coach will listen as you celebrate what you’ve crushed since the last session, but your health coach won’t let you get away with avoidance. Health coaches hold safe spaces to talk through the challenging aspects of lifestyle change, as well as health difficulties as they arise.

You love getting real

Enough with the small talk already! It’s time to pull up those big-kid pants and talk about what’s really going on. Your health coaching sessions are a time to uncover the significant truths about what is really holding you back from your goals. Best part is, your health coach won’t interrupt you (unless it’s REALLY good). Time spent in session, is time dedicated to you and achieving your goals. And who doesn’t need some me time?

You love actually succeeding

Let me guess… you’d classify yourself as a go-getter, all-or-nothing, get-er-done kinda human? Yes! Join the club. HOWEVER, your health coach can immediately smell out a goal that is too lofty to be sustainable. Your health coach will help you flag goals that may be too big for their britches. This is not to say that you couldn’t achieve that goal, but it would require giving up other things that are also significant and important to you.

You’ll love having a coach to encourage you to be challenged, yet realistic. The choices are ultimately yours and your coach is there to ensure you feel as prepared as possible for success.

You love relatable information

Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet. Buuuuuut I also love advice, opinions, and facts that are reliable, relevant, and not littered with ads. Your health coach is able to curate relatable, reliable information that is just for you, no clickbait. Even better, your coach will be able to drip that information to you over time so you have the energy to actually implement what you learn instead of getting information overload paralysis. Crazy, I know.

Health Coaching is not a brand new concept, but it’s becoming a more widely accepted practice.

Medical teams are implementing health coaches into their education programs, doctors are referring their patients with new & complex conditions to work with a health coach to make the lifestyle transition more successful and to increase medical compliance.

Health coaches come with a variety of backgrounds and specialties, and the directory at Well Connected Twin Cities can help you find a health coach with a special interest in your unique needs!

Visit the directory now to browse the ever-growing list of health coaches in the Twin Cities.


At Well Connected Twin Cities, we’re co-creating with local health + wellness practitioners to bring you the best resources that will inform and inspire you to take the next step in your wellness journey.

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