About Well Connected Twin Cities

Well Connected Twin Cities is your premier source for connecting with holistic and integrative health services in the Twin Cities area. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the community and local holistic health practitioners by providing reliable, expert-authored information and resources. We are dedicated to fostering a well-rounded understanding of health and wellness, ensuring our audience can make informed decisions about their health journeys. 

Our Story

Founded with a vision to create a vibrant, health-conscious community, Well Connected Twin Cities brings together practitioners and the public, offering access to diverse holistic health services. From acupuncture and naturopathy to yoga and nutrition counseling, we highlight the best in integrative health care, providing a comprehensive directory to help you find the right services.


How it all began

While supporting adults with special needs to build their independent living skills, Alex kept running into a barrier. The most vulnerable of us get only as healthy as the community in which we live. Knowing our communities could be healthier, Alex honed her coaching skills and transitioned her 1:1 work to the development of a public health resource that could “raise the tide” as they say. 

Well Connected Twin Cities was born out of this service-oriented insight and a commitment to the evolution of quality, whole-person-centered care. 

With a focus on clarity, evidence, honesty, and health equity, Well Connected ensures that health seekers can confidently navigate their wellness journey, finding the right fit before stepping foot into a provider’s office. Their informative and empowering approach saves people time and money while bringing them closer to achieving optimal health and wellbeing.

Creating health for all of us. 

Leadership Team

Alex Stalberger CEO

Alex Stalberger, NBC-HWC

Alex Stalberger is the owner and founder of Well Connected Twin Cities. She is a nationally board-certified integrative health and wellness coach with a passion for empowerment and behavior change. She is dedicated to ensuring health-seekers like you secure the ideal partners for your integrative health and wellbeing team.

Our overall health is influenced by our physical body, emotional and mental bodies, and spiritual health–Integrative Healthcare options consider the bigger picture. We make finding them simple. 

As the driving force behind Well Connected Twin Cities, Alex Stalberger leverages deep connections within the local health community to provide invaluable resources, including educational podcasts, guides to trusted providers, and personalized healthcare guidance.

Alex has put her degree in Psychology with an emphasis in learning and behavior to good use. (Her degree in vocal performance, and the hours  preparing for a career in opera as a mezzosoprano—less use 😉 )

You can find Alex honing her skills in tent camping and backpacking with her husband and 3 kiddos, and learning the arts of growing food, and from-scratch cooking. In this fast-paced world of business, she is convinced we can experience success and embrace slowness. 

Access to care is essential, Alex volunteers with local organizations for health equity such as the Restorative Wellness Response, and Twin Cities Coalition for Whole-Person Health. 

Support Team

Cynthia Shockley,
Podcast Producer
Shelby Skronski
Podcast Editor
Katelynne Marie
Social Media & Design
Jen Wright, NBC-HWC
Website & Business Advisor

Find a Provider

At Well Connected Twin Cities, finding the right holistic health provider is seamless and straightforward. Our extensive directory features top practitioners in various fields, including acupuncture, naturopathy, chiropractic care, yoga, and more. Each listing includes detailed profiles, specialties, and contact information, allowing you to make informed decisions about your health care options.

  • Search by Specialty: Easily locate providers based on your specific health needs.
  • Read Reviews: Gain insights from community feedback.
  • Schedule Appointments: Directly connect with providers to book appointments.

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Well Connected Twin Cities offers unique advertising opportunities tailored to holistic health practitioners and businesses looking to reach an engaged, health-conscious audience. Our platform connects you with individuals actively seeking holistic health services and information, ensuring your message reaches the right people at the right time.

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Questions & Feedback

We value your input and are here to assist with any questions or feedback you may have. Whether you need help navigating our directory, want more information about a specific service, or have suggestions for improving our platform, we’re eager to hear from you.

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