Connecting you with the local wellness community.

We’re here to connect you with local resources to support your overall health and wellbeing.  Because finding the right support shouldn’t be so complicated.

Who we are

We bring local wellness practitioners and business owners together and connect them to our Twin Cities community.

Our growing group of members serve people across the Twin Cities metro area in a variety of  modalities, all with a focus on whole person, integrative healing, recognizing that our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is all connected.

Everyone deserves access to supportive, safe, and culturally relevant care.  We recognize that the wellness industry as a whole is intertwined with white supremacy and extractive capitalist culture that often causes harm through cultural appropriation and over simplification of health issues in order to sell a product or solution.
The reality is that we each have unique needs, and we’re here to show you all the resources available to empower you to find the right solutions for yourself.

Our Collaborative Model

We’re co-creating with local health + wellness practitioners to bring you podcast episodes, blog posts, on demand classes, and community wellness events that introduce you to concepts and local experts so that you feel more confident taking that next step in your wellness journey.

Our Values

As a collaborative team with our local practitioners:
  • We recognize the body’s natural ability to heal and function. We acknowledge the body’s innate wisdom and the need to work along side the body to achieve health and healing.
  • There is no one way to heal. The journey to healing is a unique as the person seeking healing. Therefore there is no place for competition in our local industry, rather we refer to one another to achieve the best fit for the benefit of the client.
  • We are always learning, and often from each other. We value lifelong learning and openness to new perspectives and influences.
  • We value a future that centers truly personalized and integrative care in partnership with each person seeking healing services.
  • Our Leadership



Alex Stalberger CEO

 Alex Stalberger, Owner, coFounder + CEO 

As an emerging integrative health coach in November of 2017, Alex quickly discovered that supporting the healing of a human and running a healing business were very different things. She quickly began gathering professionals to connect, support, and learn from each other. These gatherings started humble and would become the collaborative force behind Well Connected Twin Cities. 

Together with health and wellness practitioners across the metro we are spreading the message of empowered wellbeing–Alex’s original motivation to become an integrative health coach.

When she isn’t developing the next phase of Well Connected Twin Cities, she’s most likely chasing her tiny humans, attempting to keep her house plants alive, or convincing her partner they should rescue a dog. . .  or a goat. 


The Inspiration


Lilly Zaborowski
Lilly Zaborowski, coFounder

Lilly designed the Well Connected Twin Cities directory concept after struggling to find the right local practitioners to treat her son, Leo. It took her years to find the support she were looking for, and she knew there had to be a better way. (You can read her story here.)