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Advocating for Integrative Healthcare

Well Connected Twin Cities is changing the way the public discovers what’s possible with a holistic and integrative approach to health. 

A newborn cries with discomfort from a fresh patch of eczema on their face, swollen and red with irritation. The mother has been told some kids experience this and hopefully a steroid cream will help. With luck, the child will grow out of it. 

Dissatisfied with that answer, the mother looks to google, scanning the eczema specialists across the country, clueless about which support would actually end up making a difference to her crying newborn. 

It would end up taking months to find a provider in-state who could offer her support, years to finally find a practitioner in her neighborhood that would support the food allergy that was the source of the skin condition. 

This story is unfortunately common, and google results only show us part of the whole picture, often limited by the search term. The world of integrative health is vast, and the public is too often unaware of what they don’t know. But what if there was a resource that could connect them with potential supports and anticipate those gaps in knowledge?

Well Connected Twin Cities is that resource, designed to be the bridge between what the public is experiencing and seeking, and what it is they might need. All the while supporting them to make the best choices for themselves and their families. 

Simply put,  we’re helping the public become problem-aware and prepared to invest in a service that is actually going to support the root of the issue. 

Well Connected Twin Cities is bringing together the public and practitioners

Well Connected Twin Cities has created the Twin Cities only integrative health resource that not only displays what you’re looking for, but what you might not yet know. Thanks to the intentional set up of categories and keywords, Well Connected Twin Cities is sharing with you skin specialists AND gut health experts when you search “eczema” because we know they are connected even if the seeker doesn’t yet. 

The free online resource offers a directory of local practitioners, educational articles, public events, a local podcast, and community conversation + connection. All offerings are centered around empowered healthcare choices and the integration of foundational health concepts into daily life. 

Local providers drive the educational content

Educational articles and in person events are presented by local experts you can book with. In this way the public is able to build trust and rapport with providers, preparing the way for a positive and effective healing relationship.

From sharing tips and tricks that can be done in the home, to describing what a discipline is and what a treatment might feel like for the first time, you are hearing from a credible and reliable source. 

Local integrative clinics and practices need to stay healthy too

Well Connected Twin Cities partners with local practitioners to support the development of referral partnerships with other practitioners, guide collaborative involvement, and support their audience expansion. 

Centering grassroots and relationship-oriented outreach, Well Connected Twin Cities offers a powerful marketing benefit to its practitioners connecting practitioners with speaking engagements, authentic referral partnerships, podcast interviews, article authorship opportunities, and formal advertising campaigns.

How to make the most of the resource as a practitioner

  1. Share the free online resource with your clients, consider linking it to your website as an additional resource to further support holistic and integrative living.
  2. Use it yourself to connect with other like-minded practitioners and further develop your own referral network. 
  3. Contribute to its growth and development! Well Connected Twin Cities is provider-driven and continues to be developed as the #1 integrative health resource locally ( nationally in the future? ) Being a part of the movement means shaping the future of integrative health care. Learn more about how you can get involved by reaching out to or by visiting our website. 


At Well Connected Twin Cities, we’re co-creating with local health + wellness practitioners to bring you the best resources that will inform and inspire you to take the next step in your wellness journey.

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