Podcasts About Ayurveda


Ep21 Vanashree Belgamwar | Globalizing Ayurvedic Medicine

An Interview with Vanashree Belgamwar, an Ayurvedic practitioner leading our cities toward a more integrative future. Vanashree describes the benefits ...

Ep7 Sammi Boerner | Sage Advice On Aromatherapy

I sat down with Sammi Boerner of SAGE mind and body, certified aromatherapi...

Ep 23 Dr. Brittany Stamer | Healing with Flower Essences

An interview with Naturopathic Doctor, Brittany Stamer. Whose own journey to flower essences has inspired her to incorporate that support in the treatment plans she prescribes.

She describes how flower essences are an a...

Ep2 Healthy Skin from Within