Britta Gauthier, PT, DPT

I am a physical therapist that considers the mind and body connection when teaching people how to heal themselves. My expertise includes Pilates-based rehabilitation in order to improve spinal alignment and emphasize proper neuromuscular activation of core muscles surrounding the hips, pelvis, back, and neck. I also use various manual therapy techniques to restore joint, soft tissue, and nerve mobility. My special interests include pre- and post-natal patients, as well as individuals who are interested in starting or returning to recreational or competitive cycling.

Through a holistic lens, I am trained to treat a wide variety of bone, muscle, connective tissue, and joint injuries including pre- and post-operative care. My goal is to walk alongside patients in their healing journey, while offering tools for long-term management of symptoms including rehabilitative exercise prescription, and education about body mechanics, posture, and activity modification. I am committed to interdisciplinary communication and collaboration in order to develop a comprehensive and integrative plan of care in order to guide patients toward optimal functioning, joyful movement, and overall well-being.

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