Sarah Baumert

Yoga and the Feldenkrais Method, specializing in chronic pain, injury, and anxiety.

Desir Holistic Therapy

Desir Holistic Therapy is an outcall service that creates a spa like atmosphere in the luxury of your home offering massage, cranialsacral, and reiki.

Confluence Chiropractic

Confluence Chiropractic provides chiropractic care directly on-site at your office, and for prenatal, postnatal, and infant care out of Blooma Minneapolis.

Active Health Chirorpactic

At Active Health Chiropractic, we will provide consistently thoughtful, personalized, and perceptive chiropractic care.

Dr. Ellen Jabs, DC, CLC

Dr. Jabs is a Webster Technique certified chiropractor & provides gentle care for your whole family.

Britta Gauthier, PT, DPT

Britta is a physical therapist that considers the mind and body connection when teaching people how to heal themselves.

Shine Chiropractic

Dr. April provides gentle, intuitive chiropractic care that focuses on creating a greater connection within your body. This will allow you to integrate all of your life experiences allowing you to self heal, grow & evolve.