Faustine Micheyl- Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I help women who are looking to get healthy, have energy, and feel great without strict diets.

Becky Kleive Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Becky Kleive is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who provides private 1:1 nutrition coaching for women before, during, and after pregnancy so that they can have a healthy baby and an easy pregnancy.

Coaching From Brooke

Brooke is a holistic coach who is based in the Twin Cities. Her background in women’s health nursing fueled her desire to help women in a holistic capacity.

Liza Lomax, Love Your Body Coaching

Liza Lomax helps women who have yo-yo’d with their weight and helps them eliminate their negative self-talk so they can feel confident at any weight.

Holistic Wellness Coach + Herbalist for Womxn

Kristina Perkins specializes in working with womxn who birth.

Katie Kaufmann Wellbeing

Katie Kaufmann is a functional health coach specializing in back pain management, stress management, sleep hygiene, habit change, implementing therapeutic diets, and self-care.

Holistic Health Coach

Andrea Smith is a Holistic Health Coach who works with women who want to break free from the quick fix culture of health.

Align Whole Health Coaching

I specialize in relationships and communication, stress and anxiety, sadness and depression, complex parenting challenges, grief and loss, and healing from trauma.

Village Health LLC

Through Village Health, I currently offer Intuitive Health Coaching services and Pilates training for individuals and groups in virtual and in-person settings.

Lisa Harris – Fashion Meets Poetry, Narrative Coaching

Fashion Meets Poetry is a narrative coaching business and lifestyle brand that connects, guides and transforms women’s lives through the power of storytelling.