Faustine Micheyl- Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I help women who are looking to get healthy, have energy, and feel great without strict diets.

Coaching From Brooke

Brooke is a holistic coach who is based in the Twin Cities. Her background in women’s health nursing fueled her desire to help women in a holistic capacity.

Christine Tauer – honu coaching + bodywork

Christine’s passion is supporting women in making themselves a non-negotiable in their lives by helping them tune into their hearts and bodies, unleashing their ability to make empowered choices.

Nina Sherburne of Mighty Oaks Parenting

Transformative coaching for parents with infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children.

Shoshana Koch

Shoshana Koch is a licensed therapist, addictions counselor, certified yoga teacher, and health coach offering dynamic coaching groups and individual consultation. Ayurveda / Mindset Coaching / Habit Formation / Positive Psychology / Mindfulness.

Of Ink + Insight

Cynthia Berg is a coach, workshop facilitator and creator of Insight Writing® and TellMe Insight Cards™ at Of Ink + Insight.

Savoring Health

Savoring Health’s mission is to create healthy recipes and foster sustainable lifestyle changes that will provide longevity and deep contentment in your life. 

A Time for Expression, LLC

Relaxation & Life Coach Beth Freschi provides relaxation training for stress management and wellness, experiential speaking engagements, guided relaxation recordings, and life coaching for artists and creative individuals.