Dr. Emily, natural family planning pharmacist

Dr. Emily is the founder and owner of NFP Pharmacist, where she teaches women to track their cycles for their health.

Cosmic Coach – Marisa Benasutti

Work with Cosmic Coach, Marisa Benasutti, to learn where the stars were when you were born and how this influences your personality and life path.

Sarah Baumert – Feldenkrais Practitioner

In Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® lessons, you use your attention to learn something about how you move.

Mastel’s Health Foods

Mastel’s Health Foods is Minnesota’s oldest health and wellness store; we have been independently owned and operated since 1968.

The Art of Living Well

Get ready to feel inspired to find your Art of Living Well.

Naturally Well White Bear Wellness Collective

Naturally Well White Bear Lake is a collective of holistic wellness care providers focused on care for families with young children.

Tula Spa

Organic spa for modern self-care with facials, massage, and energy healing plus a beauty + wellness shop

Big Raven Yoga Mats

Big Raven yoga mats have a grippy microfiber surface bonded to a 100% biodegradable natural tree rubber base.

CeMental Break

CeMental Break is a movement to encourage mindful moments using sidewalk chalk.

DAO Labs

DAO Labs delivers wellness through the wisdom of Chinese medicine and the healing powers of our innovative products.