Elise Zimmerman, MS, LMFT

As a therapist I strive to provide a space for my clients to be unapologetically, authentically themselves.

Megan Schall

Megan is a certified nutrition coach offering customized, online-based coaching programs addressing all aspects of well-being: nutrition, sleep, stress management, exercise, mind-body awareness, and more.

Sage Mind and Body

Customized health & lifestyle guidance to help you feel happy & healthy.

XO Erica – Lift, Love, Mom, Repeat.™

I’m on a mission to help moms start their journey to fitness, fierceness, and fulfillment… and create a life that’s Fit for Purpose.

Wise Wellness

Carrie Drinkwine is a certified nutritionist, certified regenerative detox specialist, certified Arvigo Maya abdominal therapist, craniosacral therapist & energy worker.

Vibrant Whole Health

Jillian’s mission is to teach others how to heal through diet and lifestyle changes.

Happy Food MN

Holistic Health Coach + Chef.

Lake Pointe Wellness

Chiropractic, functional medicine acupuncture, IV nutrition, Somayoga, cranial sacral therapy.

Intuitive Eating Counselor – Mosso Nutrition and Fitness

A Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor & Weight-Inclusive Personal Trainer who helps perfectionist, emotional eaters and people-pleasers break free from restriction in their diet and lifestyle.

Square Root Wellness

Hi – I’m Connie. As a natural health educator, I help women thrive by making diet and lifestyle changes that lead to wellness for themselves and their family. But that…