Coaching From Brooke

Brooke is a holistic coach who is based in the Twin Cities. Her background in women’s health nursing fueled her desire to help women in a holistic capacity. Brooke takes a heart-centered approach as she works with her clients on identifying their fears, vision, goals, and wildest dreams.

She comes alongside women to help them create foundations of health around the age-old principles of stress reduction, sleep improvement, gentle nutrition, hormonal health, and connection with others. She loves supporting women one-on-one as they experience breakthrough and transformation in their health challenges. She also equips them with quality education they can use to make the best decisions for their own health. Holistic coaching is a transformative journey that Brooke is overjoyed to lead her clients through! Brooke is currently offering a FREE coaching session for motivated women who are looking for breakthrough. Click this link to get started:

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