Constellation Acupuncture and Healing Arts

At Constellation Acupuncture & Healing arts, we believe bodies have the ability to self-heal. We’re here to help guide the process. The clinic is co-owned by Amy Kuretsky and Kim Christensen, who combined their private practices in 2016 to start what has been a wildly successful clinic in the North Loop of Minneapolis. Amy specializes in digestive disorders including IBD and IBS, headaches and migraines, anxiety and complex emotional conditions, while Kim specializes in pain, complex/chronic conditions, Lyme Disease, anxiety & depression, digestive disorders.

Our team includes Leah Fifield, who specializes in pain and tension, menstrual cycle support, digestive disorders, cosmetic acupuncture & massage. Leah is seeking her certification in Ayurvedic medicine and plans to add that to her offerings at the clinic very soon. Last, but not least, Tatum Fjerstad is our organizational sorceress and resident yoga and meditation teacher, who will soon be offering craniosacral therapy.

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