Dakota Chiropractic

Dakota Chiropractic is a warm and welcoming Chiropractic clinic for families to improve and maintain their health together. Dr. Hannah begins treatment with chiropractic adjustments to align the spine and allow the nervous system to function as it was meant to. She will then add in muscle work, rehab exercises, nutritional advice among other modalities as patients’ needs arise.

At Dakota Chiropractic all ages are welcome. We see a lot of families in the clinic, especially those who are at the beginning of their health journey, those who have decided it is time to make a change in their well-being and just need a little spark to get them started.

If this sounds like you, please call today and mention this listing. We will offer a New Patient Exam & Consultation and Report of Findings for $30 (normally $120) to you and $15 for each additional family member that accompanies you. 

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