Desiree Punla, CECP

Desiree Punla is a certified practitioner in Emotion Code, Marma Chikitsä Therapy, and Holistic and Integrative Health.

In an Emotion Code session (can be done remotely), Desiree taps into the subconscious to access information about your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Any emotional blockages are identified and traced back to a particular trauma experienced in the current life, a past life, or inheritance. Blockages are then released with healing light energy.

Marma Chikitsä Therapy is an Ayurvedic treatment that cleanses blocked energy by applying light pressure to the Marma points (energy points into the chakras) to promote balance and flow.

Desiree Punla also offers spiritual guidance, using intuitive insight and channeling messages from ancestors and spirit guides.

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