Dr. Sidney Pharis

Dr. Sidney Pharis is a naturopathic doctor specializing in holistic, individualized patient care with specialties in pediatrics, women’s health & hormones, digestive disorders, and thyroid & adrenal dysfunction. She is passionate about building strong relationships with families and finds that the best healing occurs when the whole family is involved. Dr. Pharis believes in addressing underlying root causes of illness and not merely treating symptoms. She takes the time to listen to each patient’s unique story and crafts individualized treatment plans that are effective at achieving long-term health.

In addition to working with many chronic conditions Dr. Pharis is passionate about preventative care and building the foundation of health within the pediatric population. It’s her philosophy that modern-day chronic illness can be completely prevented if we raise, educate, and support our youth to engage in healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices. As a mother herself she is able to relate to the many questions, concerns, and challenges faced regarding the health of our children. Dr. Pharis’ mission is to provide parents with the tools and confidence necessary to face these challenges and raise healthy, happy kids.

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