Healthy Homescaping

Healthy Homescaping helps to create health and wellness in all areas of the home with an emphasis on reducing exposure to toxins.
Being well at home starts with health, so eliminating toxins in the home is the foundation of health and well being. Think of me as your personal shopper for safe household cleaning and personal care products, cosmetics, food, and baby/child products and accessories. Your personalized Healthy Home Plan provides you with a comprehensive shopping list of safe alternatives based on how and where you like to shop and considers your personal preferences.
And wellness in the home environment is more than the absence of toxins. It expands into how we feel in our space. Your home should not only be a point of good physical health, it should feel good and support your lifestyle. I consider things like color, plants and basic organization when looking at a space. Is there a room in your home that makes you feel heavy, or too light, or just blah? Sometimes changing the room color or adding the right color accents can change everything. Adding the right plants to your space can also help you to feel better in your space. Plants are not only visually calming; many plants also have air purifying properties!
I am passionate about helping people live healthier and live better at home. It is my bliss.

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