Joe Molinari : Sex and Relationship Therapy for Healing and Connection

If you’re feeling disconnected from your sexuality or have been carrying the weight of old trauma, you know how overwhelming and lonely life can get. You want to feel good about who you are and connected to the people you care about. You want sex to be safe, pleasure-filled, and stimulating. You deserve to have a smile on your face when you think about sex and the most intimate connections in your life.

As a certified sex therapist, I specialize in helping people heal from sexual trauma, strengthen intimate relationships, and cultivate erotic pleasure. At the end of the day, there’s nothing more important in life than meaningful connections. Visit my website to learn about my holistic approach to finding healing and pleasure.

In addition to seeing people in my Minneapolis office, I can meet with residents of Minnesota and Colorado online and I’m always happy to consult on the phone to see if working together will be a good fit.

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