Kiel Walters, LICSW

I work with adolescents and adults in all life stages, and refine my therapeutic approach to each individual’s needs. Clients who connect with me are often struggling with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship issues, low self-esteem, or difficulties adjusting to life transitions or new roles. By incorporating yoga philosophy and mindfulness practices into my therapeutic style, I am able to support clients in getting “out of their heads,” becoming grounded and present within their emotional experiences, and fostering the mind-body connection in order to take therapy to a deeper level.

I offer guidance in improving interpersonal relationships through more constructive communication, changing self-talk in order to intervene in unhelpful patterns and beliefs, developing mindfulness practices in order to increase satisfaction with current experiences and reduce anxiety, and modifying behaviors to attend to emotional and physical health. My hope in developing therapeutic relationships with each person I see is that they become more compassionate with themselves, gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of their emotional experiences and needs, and develop tools to cope in a more sustainable way.

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