Amy Heilman, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach – Be Well™ Course

Are You Ready to Break Unhealthy Patterns … to Establish an Easeful Rhythm … and Be Well in your Body for LIFE?

Do it without ever leaving your home!

Be guided by Me … Ayurveda Habits expert, Amy Heilman, Step by Step … to Be Well in your Daily Life, Have More Time for You, Nourish Yourself Deeply, and Rebuild Your Immune System … all this in Only 2 Hours A Week.

In my Be Well™ Course, you will integrate the 10 Habits of Yogis + Ayurvedic Masters that Unlock Easeful Living – no matter how out of whack you enter my group.

You will learn how to use the Be Well™ Habits to Decrease Inflammation, Chronic Digestive Issues, Anxiety or Depression, and More. The Be Well™ habits have helped hundreds of members over time out of long-standing, deep seated issues that seemed impossible to uproot. Wouldn’t it be lovely to feel better in your body, and attune to your soul everyday?

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