Meghan Foley, Yoga Therapist

What is Yoga Therapy and How Can it Help You?
-Tailored Yoga to Meet your Specific Needs and Goals.
-Holistic Approach to Health and Wellbeing.
-Whole Person Wellness. Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs addressed.
-Ancient yoga wisdom merged with modern understanding of healthy functional movement.
-Assess imbalances within the body, and use personalized yoga tools as a therapy to restore the body’s systems.
-Empowering Tools for Self-Healing.

What You Can Expect:
At the initial consultation, we will go over your health history in depth. Depending on what brings you to yoga therapy, some of the aspects that we will assess include: your personal Ayurvedic constitution, postural habits, range of mobility, gait patterns, any injuries in your past, and your breathing, eating, sleeping and stress patterns.
You will receive a personalized yoga therapy plan, tailored to your specific needs and goals, that you can enact immediately. At each subsequent session, we will continue to adjust and modify your personalized practice, in order to find the optimum balance. Whether you are looking for deep relaxation, recovering from an injury, searching for practical ways to bring your yoga off the mat, and into your daily life, yoga therapy has so much to offer you. Merging ancient wisdom with modern functional movement training, yoga therapy will give you the tools to move your body efficiently and with ease, building greater body awareness and mindfulness.

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