Modern Parent Village™ Classes

Modern Parent Village™ is a collaboration between a small group of birth professionals who bring their clients together for birth education and community support. Modern Parent Village™ knows that with the birth of the child comes the birth of the parent. We are committed to providing whole-person support, and the tools needed, for parents to fully embrace this right of passage and continued journey into parenthood. We value the power of connectivity, and we respect each person’s desire to belong. Our unique personal-growth platform guides parents to a deeper connection with themselves, their partners, their children, and their peers. We strongly believe that pairing ancient wisdom with practical, modern tools increases the long term health and vitality of parents.

Modern Parent Village™ has created a revolutionary series of 75-min classes to help parents listen to their instincts and translate them into action. Get to the heart of what is happening through carefully curated activities designed to be meaningful and impactful. Parents practice finding their center so they are ready to handle the ups and downs of birthing & parenthood. Being grounded in self allows for more intimacy inside their partnership, and their personal experience. Modern Parent Village™ Classes create the sacred space where parents can work out what’s going on inside of them without fear of judgment. We invite parents to let their intuition lead the way so they can be authentic & peaceful in birth, and in parenting. In addition to our holistic classes, we offer birth doula support, sibling doula services, placenta encapsulation after birth, and more. Parents can switch from the stress of doing it on their own, to the stability of the village.

A whole community supports parents here.

Friendships happen here.

Classes are part of each Modern Parent Village™ Facilitator’s package pricing. Learn more about our Facilitators and class descriptions on our website.

Not interested in a doula, but still want the classes? Drop-ins also welcome.

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