Occupational & CranioSacral Therapy

Through my occupational therapy (OT) services, I work with the individual to support and develop skills for optimal independence and participation in life’s most meaningful activities. My areas of expertise are in motor and sensory development with a strong knowledge of brain development and functioning of the nervous system. Intentional movement is one of the best ways to access and nurture our nervous system. Many games and silly activities are used with children, which makes OT fun! As an OT, I am also uniquely trained to help individuals identify changes they can make to their daily routines, habits and environment to improve personal skills and quality of life.

Through my craniosacral therapy services (CST), I am able to support birthing parents during pregnancy and postpartum and developing children starting at birth. CST utilizes light touch from the therapist to support the body’s natural healing mechanisms. The nervous system and body tissues respond by releasing tension and stiffness that cause a variety of problems. When these tissues release and the nervous system enters a more harmonious state, pain relief and healing occur. CST is a powerful, yet gentle, way to support the body during pregnancy and heal after giving birth or experiencing loss. It is just as supportive for infants adjusting to life outside the womb, and for the developing nervous systems and bodies of the growing child.

I have had the pleasure of serving children and families as an occupational therapist for over a decade. My academic background includes a BA of psychology and a MA of occupational therapy.

If you are expecting your first child, are a new mother or a seasoned mother, I want you to know that you are loved, appreciated and worthy.

I am here to support you and your littles find your happy and healthy!

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