Radiant Source Wellness

At Radiant Source Wellness we guide our clients through a journey of authentic self discovery.

We provide tools and direct experience that have the potential to bring about mental, physical and spiritual growth. Our emphasis is on mental wellness. We assist people as they learn to direct their attention, cultivate the witness, find deep relaxation and a still and present mind.
We take each client through a personalized blend of attention training practices. These practices often include: sound meditation/healing, yoga/movement, breathwork, vocalizing and empowerment coaching.
We provide support as you learn to awaken the healer within.

Clients often report a decrease in symptoms related to anxiety, depression, ocd, ptsd and insomnia. They report a renewed sense of feeling truly alive.

Services are designed for the individual and small or large groups.
Our facilitators are Thomasina Fisk and Robert Fisk.
Radiant Source Wellness is a traveling studio. We can come to you or you can join us online or at one of our specific healing sites.

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