Stephanie Wagner, Inner Fire Health and Well-Being Coaching

Accredited health and wellness coach (NBC-HWC), mindfulness/meditation teacher, group fitness instructor, and wellness travel & retreats

I help clients bring mindfulness into their journey to wholeness and wellbeing, by cultivating awareness of the triggers and habits that drive them. With awareness, we can begin to define strategies to make lasting behavior change.

I am excited to partner with Sacred Path Conscious Travel to co-lead a series of wellness trips around the world. Journey into Himalayan Wellness is scheduled for October, 2020 in which we will explore the rich culture of wellness in Nepal including Nepali culture, spirituality, cuisine, landscape and medicine.

3 Reviews on “Stephanie Wagner, Inner Fire Health and Well-Being Coaching”

  • AvatarRenata
    12 months ago

    Stephanie is amazing! Her empathy, knowledge, strength and passion will not only help you with your immediate concerns but she will also help you go beyond the superficial, teaching and encouraging you to listen to your body, your heart and your mind. Thank you, Stephanie!

  • AvatarMary
    12 months ago

    Stephanie is a compassionate, wise, and invested health coach. I have benefited from her skilled insights, guidance and thoughtful questions as I have worked toward increased physical health and mindful living. I have felt consistently supported, encouraged and challenged through my work with Stephanie; as well as inspired by Stephanie’s spirit and commitment to wellness in all areas.
    Working with Stephanie has enhanced the quality of my physical and emotional well-being.

  • AvatarErica Wollmering
    9 months ago

    I initially found Stephanie in my search to manage a chronic health condition, SIBO, but have found that she provides so much more.

    Stephanie is knowledgable about a range of chronic and auto immune conditions, but she is also basically a personal detective who unearths mindsets and habits that can create the health conditions you may be struggling with. Because of this, she is able to get to the root causes of your issues. Taking this approach saves a lot of time because she cuts to the motivations behind your behavior and tailors action around this to help heal you.

    For example, we are currently working on how my “inner rebel” could be working against my health goals. Why might I feel the need to rebel? These types of questions are a lot more informative than a simple list of habits to change.

    Stephanie is a best in class listener, always non-judgmental. She is also someone I have felt to be very trustworthy. I feel like I can share more vulnerable information with her because she receives it both thoughtfully and respectfully.

    I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone looking to better their health and wellbeing. She’s great working with busy schedules and is a reliable communicator. She looks for root causes and real solutions. I consider working with her a valuable investment in my health.

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