The Future

The Future is a project space, artist market, witches’ spa, Aquarian lab, artist residency, library, workshop and event space, and studio in South Minneapolis.

The witches’ spa is a cozy space offering bodywork, reiki, gua sha facials, and more. The reading room offers astrological readings, tarot readings, wellness consults, and more.

The storefront is a small retail space that features a curated selection of handmade offerings by artists, witches, weirdos and healers, with a focus on items to make a body or space more powerful and positive. Many of the items are made by artists local to Minneapolis, and the majority are made by women, trans* and queer folks, femmes, genderfluid, or nonbinary folks. You can also enjoy the magic of online shopping in our store!

The residency is a small space for artists, weirdos, punks, analog photographers, witches, healers, mediums, zinesters and beyond to engage with the space and community. Residencies last from a week to a month, depending, and residents are asked to culminate their stay in an exhibit, workshop, talk, presentation, seance, public art project, publication, or otherwise.

The Future acts as a community + gathering space, hosting seances, workshops, rituals, exhibitions, swaps, dinners + breakfasts, popup shops, meetings, readings, music, photo events and more.

The library is a non-circulating collection of books, zines, artists’ books, and historical texts on topics including: Spiritualism, witchcraft, healing, herbalism, mediumship, art and the occult, crystals, divination, tarot, astrology, manifestation and ghost stories. The library is open during posted open hours, or by appointment.

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