Twin Cities CranioSacral

Certified CranioSacral Therapist in Minneapolis offering supportive, nurturing care by a grounded and skilled therapist. Janet Crow, MS, CST-T, loves to serve a variety of patients ranging from those who need pain relief for chronic issues to those who just want to feel like themselves again.

Craniosacral therapy is an effective treatment for a variety of discomforts like headaches, TMJ issues, or chronic pain areas that don’t respond to other treatments. CST is a gentle therapy grounded in science and advanced techniques that balance the body with light-touch treatments.

Often chronic health issues cause a lot of stress for our spirit and mind. For truly transformative healing, all aspects of the self need to be served and nourished. At Twin Cities Craniosacral not only will your nervous system become more balanced, but your spirit, mind, and body will be treated, so you can feel like your old self again.

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