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Seated Serenity: Exploring Chair Yoga for All Ages

Chair Yoga: An Introduction to Accessibility in Yoga Imagine a space where everyone, regardless of physical abilities or limitations, can embrace the transformative power of yoga.Yoga is expanding beyond its traditional boundaries, welcoming people from all walks of life, all kinds of bodies and abilities. Yoga continues to become more accessible than ever, and practices […]

Top 5 Podcast Episodes in 2022

Wondering what everyone was listening to this last year? Here is a list of the most popular podcast episodes released in 2022.

Meet the Pros: Jaron Faber

Jaron Faber Meet the Pros

Get to know Dr. Jaron Faber of Statera Health, an integrative clinic providing hyperbaric oxygen and LED therapy in the Twin Cities.

3 Strategies for Managing Loneliness or Too Much Time Together This Winter

lonely twin cities

During normal circumstances, we can naturally self-regulate our time spent with others. Due to the pandemic, this system has been disrupted – we may find ourselves more lonely or more overwhelmed than usual. Ricka shares her 3 strategies for learning how to listen to your personal needs and find the perfect balance.