3 Questions to Ask Before Starting a New Supplement

Mastel's health foods supplements

This blog post is sponsored by Mastel’s Health Foods, and we’re thrilled to partner with them to help you understand some important things to consider before starting a new supplement. Adaptogens, superfoods, and antioxidants, oh my!  It seems like there’s constantly a new supplement out there that’s getting buzz and attention, and it’s hard to […]

Book List: Self-Love, Relationships, Sexual and Reproductive Health

sexual and reproductive health

As we wrap up our first themed month of 2021, we’re sharing recommended reading from our featured experts this month. You can check out the full selection on our Bookshop list, and if you purchase through that page our organization will receive a small affiliate payment. We appreciate your support as we grow this platform […]

3 Strategies for Managing Loneliness or Too Much Time Together This Winter

lonely twin cities

During normal circumstances, we can naturally self-regulate our time spent with others. Due to the pandemic, this system has been disrupted – we may find ourselves more lonely or more overwhelmed than usual. Ricka shares her 3 strategies for learning how to listen to your personal needs and find the perfect balance.

Shop Small: Local Gift Guide for Minneapolis and St Paul

local gifts minneapolis

As this crazy year comes to an end, we find ourselves in a strange holiday season. Smaller gatherings, canceled parties, and a greater urgency to shop small and support local businesses who’ve been through the ringer in 2020. I’ve rounded up some local gifts and favorite local shops to visit for the wellness enthusiast in […]

Healthy Habits for Virtual Learning

virtual learning

With so many kids in Minnesota participating in distance learning or hybrid learning this year, we’ve rounded up some tips from local experts to help families create healthy habits around their virtual learning experience. More screen time can create physical discomfort in the body, so improving posture and increasing movement throughout the day are important […]

Spiritual Healing for Transformation

Rosie Blanc

Rosie Blanc is an intuitive transformation coach who’s passionate about walking with people on their path to healing on a spiritual level. She joined me on the Well Connected Twin Cities podcast to talk about what spiritual healing can look like and why it’s not just about good vibes and affirmations. Like many healers and […]

Ayurvedic Foods to Keep Cool this Summer

Haus of Ojas Jícama Smoothie Bowl

Summer humidity in Minnesota is no joke. And while dunking into our many lakes is a great way to keep cool, having additional options is cool too. Thoughtfully choosing your food this time of year in theme with Ayurvedic concepts can help keep your body cool until the trees turn. What is Ayurveda? New to […]