How to Start a Meditation Practice


Why meditate? With the fast paced demand of our growing world pressing against our free time, it can be hard to put aside a quiet moment for ourselves. This is especially true when we are asked to quiet our thoughts. The idea itself can seem daunting, and takes time and effort. It is, however, worth […]

Infrared Saunas Around Minneapolis

infrared sauna minneapolis

Winters in Minnesota aren’t for the faint of heart.  We deal with negative temperatures, biting windchill, and loads of snow that, while beautiful, can make our commute pretty stressful.  Saunas are a great addition to your self care routine in the winter, and infrared saunas in particular have been popping up all over Minneapolis and […]

How It Began

It all started with a little baby eczema. My newborn son, Leo, was a few weeks old, and he had a case of baby acne that wouldn’t go away.  As the weeks went on, I asked about it at our pediatrician appointments, and I was eventually referred to a dermatologist who basically told me that […]