Meet the Pros: Mindy Haukedahl

Mindy Haukedahl

Get to know Mindy Haukedahl, a licensed counselor and marriage and family therapist, offering specialized diagnostic ADHD testing and accommodation planning and Brain-Mapping/Neurofeedback services.

Cultivating Self-Compassion

cultivating self compassion

What would the world be like if you talked to yourself as you would a good friend? Providing warmth and kindness to others when they’re experiencing pain can be easier than doing the same to ourselves during difficult times.  One way to build your capacity for kindness towards yourself? Practice self-compassion. Read on for an […]

Reprogramming the Brain with QNRT

Dr. Daniel Schilling

Dr. Daniel Schilling, Master QNRT Practitioner, chiropractor, and kinesiologist at Secoya Health, explains how stress and trauma can linger in the brain and cause physical conditions in an interview for the Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast.

Healing with Flower Essences

During an interview on the Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast, Dr. Brittany Stamer describes how Flower Essences are an accessible tool that can be added to treatment plans to maximize healing potential.

Storytelling as a Healing Practice

Lisa Harris

Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years, and while there are many reasons for it, the heart of storytelling is always connection. In that connection, there can be healing. Lisa Harris joined me on the Well Connected Twin Cities podcast to talk about the beauty and healing that can exist in the act […]

Supporting Grief with Homeopathy

Meet Rebecca Keyes, certified classically trained homeopath at Keyes Homeopathy. She is an expert at transitioning people from stuck to unstuck through homeopathy.

Exploring Trauma-Informed Yoga

trauma informed yoga minneapolis st paul

Yoga is generally thought of as a safe and beneficial practice. It’s promoted for strengthening the body and mind, and in many cases this is true. But what happens when you don’t feel safe in your body? Or your thoughts are harmful? Sandra Maurer, co-founder of Terra Firma, joined me on the Well Connected Twin […]

How Hope Changes Your Nervous System


Amanda Leaveck helps us understand the biological, physiological, and neurological response to positive emotions like hope, peace, love, and gratitude–both individually and within a larger community.

Kim Lovejoy: Mental Health Gets Physical

Kim Lovejoy leads us to a deeper understanding of our mental and physical responses to chaos, stress and grief, especially during this time of pandemic, and what we can do today to feel more vibrant.

Meet the Pros: Kim Lovejoy

Kim Lovejoy

Get to know our local health and wellness professionals in the Twin Cities. We asked local therapist Kim Lovejoy to share a little about her business and what she loves about practicing in the Twin Cities. Tell us about your business. What do you do? I provide space for people to explore and embody their […]