An Medi-Zen, Sharon Denice Johnson-Eby

An Medi-Zen, Sharon Denice Johnson-Eby

An Medi-Zen is a safe healing environment that was created with the idea that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare.  The services offered include Traditional Chinese Medicine with access to Integrated Health & Medicine Services  in one place.  Everyone is welcome in this space.

Dr. Sharon’s approach to patient care is to balance and harmonize the mind, body and spirit with Integrative Health and Medicine.  The hybrid clinical practice fuses both Eastern and Western medicine. 

She emphasizes the importance of health and wellness via community outreach and education and aims to provide support that bridges the gaps in healthcare and eliminates health disparities in the underserved communities. 

Dr. Sharon believes in the importance of physical activity, sleep hygiene and nutrition.   She also loves to include many types of therapies such as, art, music/sound healing into the patient care plans.

Dr. Sharon enjoys working in many specialty areas, which include Respiratory, Dermatology, and Mental Health and overall Wellness. 

Dr. Sharon's scope of practice includes the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

  • Acupuncture

  • Tuina (Chinese medical massage)

  • Cupping

  • Gua Sha (dermal friction)

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • TCM Food Therapy/nutrition

  • Movement/Energy Therapy, such as Yoga and Qigong

She is very motivated to build a strong network of health practitioners that focus on improving Community Health and Wellness outcomes.

Dr. Sharon is currently in her final year of study for Post-Doctorate: Fellowship at the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine. 

She has over thirty years of healthcare experience and background includes care of patients from neonatal to geriatric demographics. Her extensive Eastern and Western Medical training and background allow her to provide optimal healthcare services.

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Business Highlights
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