Andy Hansen

Andy Hansen

Actualization Coaching is designed to see you from multiple perspectives and find high leverage points so you can quickly and permanently level up.

We use psychology, Shadow Work, Astrology, Human Design, and more to individualize practices and formulate goals based on where you are at and which patterns you want to transform.


Gene Keys Guide, RYT 200, Reiki Master

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Actualization Coaching look like?

Most of my clients work with me for about 6 months, 10-12 sessions. 1:1 work is in person in St. Paul or on zoom.

What is the process like?

We use the framework of The Gene Keys, an emergent synthesis of wisdom, to explore archetypes in-depth, and how they come alive for you

Why do you do Actualization Coaching?

I believe that everyone has a unique purpose and yearns to actualize that purpose. I believe that purpose is intrinsically of service to all and supports the actualization of human potential. I believe that life wants to live passionately and that passion is our guide. I believe that we are supposed to live alive.

What makes you unique from other coaches?

My gift is weaving together the mystical and the mundane so that I can see people clearly. I see connections where others do not. I see the essential in people, communities, and the world so that we can recognize it and empower Personal Agency.

What will I gain from our work together?

Working together, we resource a new vision and story that empowers purpose, passion, and self-actualization so that we courageously and joyfully share our gifts with the world.

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