Angela Kittock, Moondance Wellness Coaching

Angela Kittock, Moondance Wellness Coaching

Hi! I’m Angela Kittock. Spiritual Life & Wellness Coach, Personality Type Expert, Yin Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, and the Founder of Moondance Wellness Coaching.

The Moondance concept was born out of an intensive seven-year journey with Crohn’s disease. Throughout this journey I became passionate about all things that “feed” and nourish us – not only food itself, but the way we manage our stress, connect to our emotions, embody our purpose, and truly understand and appreciate our unique selves. And I discovered just how essential it is to address the often forgotten cognitive, emotional, energetic, and spiritual dimensions of healing – addressing our WHOLE self, beyond just the physical dimension.

A health or life crisis can be just that – a crisis, a frustrating or terrifying interruption to the usual order of life. Or, it can be a gateway to a deeper understanding of the self. A catalyst towards personal and spiritual growth. A portal to a richer experience of life.

I believe there’s a way for each and every one of us to access an infinite healing potential that lies deep within all of us – but our paths to get there are varied and unique. Each path will surely be unpredictable, encourage us to expand our minds, and challenge us to let go of our old beliefs.

But there is no one single path, and each of us is a passenger on our own sacred and individual journeys.

So, are you ready to dig deep and embrace healing?

Why Hire a Coach?

True healing is a form of transformation; it’s a move towards personal + spiritual growth. It is more than the absence of symptoms; it’s a state of deep and lasting wholeness affecting body, mind, soul and spirit.

As your Spiritual Life & Wellness Coach I can guide you through addressing the cognitive, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and relational dimensions of healing. I offer deep insights, genuine and heartfelt support, and the accountability you need as you embark on the most exciting journey of your life – to answer the questions “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “How can I heal and grow?”

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Certified Personality Profiler; B.A. Psychology & Women's Studies; Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant; Certified Yin Yoga Teacher; MBSR Course Grad; Shamanic Energy Healing Practitioner-in-training

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of personality typing do you use?

The system of Psychological Type involving our cognitive functions as described by the father of Analytical Psychology, Carl Jung. Jung was a Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist who spent much time in the early 1900s observing and studying the patterns of people’s behavior, as well as the motivations behind those behaviors. He created the idea of personality or psychological “types” based on the patterns of the unconscious processes he was able to extrapolate from his observations of behavior, concluding that there are a limited number of mental processes that people use (eight). The processes that we each favor and the combination of how we use them is what makes up our unique personality type.

The system as we now know it today was not complete until the 1940s when the mother-daughter duo Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers studied and augmented the system by adding on a final piece that looked at judging versus perceiving preferences. This addition was interestingly born out of WWII and the surge of women in the workforce; Myers and Briggs used the system as a way of assigning women to jobs previously held by men based on their talent and aptitude by splitting them into these various personality types.

In our session we will give a definite nod to the Myers Briggs type, but spend most of our time focused on Jung’s theory of Cognitive Functions and a system called The Car Model. This allows for a much deeper and more nuanced and useful approach!

What are some of the benefits of shamanic energy healing?

Energetically scouring the slate clean; closing open emotional wounds; releasing the energetic charge of old patterns, wounds, blocks and triggers; creating a clear foundation from which to create new patterns and habits without being rubber-banded back into the old entrenched patterns; connecting to the presence of higher beings, guides, ancestors, the elements and the forces of nature to assist us in spiritual healing; creating a clear path for movement into our highest soul Self!

Do you work with groups and couples as well as individuals?

Yes! Personality typing is an awesome tool for self-understanding as well as relationship building. I work with couples as well as in corporate workplaces. Please inquire if you're interested!

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