Bear Foot Yogi – Embodied Grief Support

Bear Foot Yogi – Embodied Grief Support

Holistic, body-centered grief support  to navigating life after loss. Including 1:1 services and resources to  support and empower you on the journey through grief.

Services include:

  • Grief Coaching, 
  • Craniosacral Therapy, 
  • Yoga, and 
  • Aromatherapy 

Founder Cami Thelander’s journey into this field is deeply personal and stems from her own experiences with loss and grief. Cami faced the profound impact of grief early in life, with the loss of her father to ALS at the age of 11, followed by the passing of her stepfather from prostate cancer four years later.

For a decade, Cami navigated through the complexities of unresolved grief, which manifested in chronic illness. This period of physical and emotional turmoil eventually led her to recognize the necessity of processing loss in a healthy, holistic manner. This realization marked the beginning of her exploration into various healing modalities.

Cami's approach is rooted in an integrative blend of Yoga/Mindfulness, Essential Oils, Craniosacral Therapy, and Grief Coaching. 

This comprehensive methodology not only facilitated her own healing but also equipped her with a unique set of tools and insights. Today, Cami dedicates her practice to serving others in their journey through grief.

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Bachelor of Science - Biology, Certified Advanced Grief Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, 400+ hours Craniosacral Therapy Training

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Business Highlights
Women Owned & Operated

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