Birgit Kraus

Birgit Kraus

Birgit Kraus, Qigong and Energy Work Practitioner at MN Integrative Health Studio

Birgit Kraus, Qigong and Energy Work Practitioner

Birgit’s journey began over 20 years ago when different symptoms of discomfort developed into an illness, and after trying a typical western medicine approach, her path led her to the nontraditional, spiritual self healing path.

Birgit is a full time Energy healer, Qigong and Yoga teacher, Sound Healer and committed to the work of self growth with integrity and as a life long student of learning, and expanding.

She works with private clients or in groups, the sessions are unique and an invitation to meet in higher vibrations for the purpose of healing with help of spiritual guidance and sometimes channeling.

In the years that followed, she began to self study: her physical body, triggers, reactions in situations. She became more aware of how my thoughts would have a direct connection and reaction to her emotions. After many different applications, studies, diets, and detoxes, she realized how everything is connected: ONE, the Wholeness of mind, body and spirit. Different mythologies, Masters, teachers, and methods crossed her path, which she is very grateful for.

Personal practices, such as Qigong, yoga, meditation, breath work, spiritual development and guidance, and with the invaluable help of gifted healers and teachers, she was able to heal deeper, held emotional wounds, became more aware of limited belief patterns and behaviours and experienced higher vibrations and frequencies.

This continuous work has allowed an awakening within her heart and soul, and inspires her to share these energy healing tools with you, to be of service holding authentically space for your unique healing journey, spiritual transformations into higher vibrations

Birgit’s other passions are to submerge and deeply connect with nature, music, creating and exploring art.


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