Carolyn Vinup – Gateways to Brilliance

Carolyn Vinup – Gateways to Brilliance

Carolyn Vinup is a Sound Healer, Feng Shui Consultant, Mindfulness & NatureScaping Facilitator, Integrative Health and Wellness Instructor, and Global Peacekeeper. She invites you to Experience Transformational Ceremonies that Awaken Your Higher Consciousness and Expand Your Inner Light.

Carolyn guides spiritual seekers through transformative experiences called Sacred Ceremonies in her Sacred Sound Chamber in Eden Prairie, MN. She is also an event producer and integrates Feng Shui principles into the events she produces. Carolyn loves helping people grow, radiate their brilliance and experience more joy in their lives!

Her events, workshops, classes, and Sound Healing sessions are immersive, interactive, meaningful, and transformational. She loves to collaborate and create consciousness raising experiences that showers people and the planet with more peace.


Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Sound Healer

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Business Highlights
Women Owned & Operated

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1 review
  • Alex Stalberger

    It’s all in the DETAILS with Carolyn. I went in for a 1:1 sound healing session not really knowing what to expect. I had been to group sound meditations before, but the whole experience specifically curated for me? DELUXE!
    From the flowers, to the crystal gridding, intention cards pulled. The smells, the energy, all of it just HUGGED me. It was a deeply rejuvenating experience.
    I also noticed it gave my personal meditation practice a renewed energy, which has continued to support me in my day-to-day life as a mom of 3 tiny humans.

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