Christine Lord LICSW, SEP

Christine holds sacred space for high-sensitive, empathic, big-hearted and mystical souls who want to deepen their relationship with their Sacred Self. She is a holistic somatic psychotherapist and Reiki Master who wants people to know their mind, body, and spiritual wellness is foundational in sustaining their life purpose. Christine helps you fully express your own unique vibration and shine your lights brightly out into the world.

Christine centers her work around the spiritual concept of Wholeness, helping you see how you are already whole. She believes it's important to learn how to slow down and truly listen to what messages your body, heart, mind and spirit are trying to tell you. Through tracking sensations in the body, examining emotions, seeing your thoughts and beliefs in a creative and supportive environment, you can navigate life’s challenges with a greater trust in yourself. Building this deep and reflective relationship with yourself allows you to step into a beautiful sense of harmony with what is, which brings you into the frequency of love, compassion and forgiveness.

Christine also enjoys bringing in our sacred helpers! Ancestors, animal spirit guides and celestial helpers are always available to us. She wants you to connect directly to the source energy within you and all around you, so that you know you are divinely supported, loved and held on this human journey. Everything you encounter is a sacred opportunity to learn more deeply what you came here to experience. Christine wants you to feel nourished, whole, free and alive so that you can live a life of beauty, sacredness, and joy!


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sessions held virtually, Minneapolis, Minnesota,

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