Honu Coaching + Bodywork

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Honu Coaching + Bodywork

Honu Coaching + Bodywork is a owned and operated by Christine Tauer, Certified BodyMind Coach, Breath Work Coach, and Licensed Massage Therapist. She uses coaching, massage therapy, and her diverse background in holistic health to best serve her clients. She offers a variety of opportunities to invest in yourself through:

-BodyMind coaching programs
-1:1 coaching
-Bodywork(Therapeutic massage, energy work, reiki, cupping)
-Group coaching classes, workshops, and retreats

Christine supports her clients to stop ignoring the signs and symptoms their bodies’ are telling them, and instead open their hearts to fully feel what it is the body needs to feel healthy and happy. This in turn allows them to cultivate this energy into positive changes they can see and feel good about in their everyday lives. In fact, when a client reconnects with the body and listens to what it's saying, the positive effects ripple through so many other facets of life..

BodyMind Coaching is a highly effective method to listen to the language the body speaks. During BodyMind Coaching sessions we evaluate the current habits or patterns that are keeping individuals stuck in a negative feedback loop and use physiology and intuition to establish new neural pathways.


Certified Bodymind Coach, Certified Breathing Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Degree in Integrative Health and Healing, Reiki Level 1&2

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