Derrick Lundberg, CMT

Derrick Lundberg, CMT

Derrick Lundberg, certified massage therapist and myofascial release at MN Integrative Health Studio

Derrick Lundberg, CMT

Derrick’s pursuit of his practice of manual therapies started in 2013 with his certification in massage therapy from the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis and has grown to include John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach.

Beyond the basics of massage therapy, myofascial release has taught Derrick to leave out the lubrication and layers of division between his own hands and his patients’ skin-- this direct contact is essential to getting beyond the superficial layers of the body, using the skin as a handle to reach the deepest levels of the body.

Myofascial release offers not only effective and sustainable pain relief and increased function, but also the broad and integrative end of the spectrum of manual therapies, while the fine manipulations taught by Jean Pierre Barral offer visceral manipulations to explore the sources of our Qi, and neural manipulations to free the snags along the pathways of our channels of communication and connection.

Whether you have physical pain, or are burning with the manic need for self expression -- manual therapies can help facilitate your own healing process.

Come explore the physical, emotional, and spiritual growth which awaits behind the doors of your own healing journey-- Derrick will help you to discover that you hold the key to your health in your own hands.

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Clinic offers Chinese Medicine Treatments, Community and private acupuncture, Infrared Sauna, Gua Sha, Reiki and more.

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Business Highlights
Minority Owned & Operated, Child Friendly, Offers Sliding Scale Fees
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