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Dr. Justin, DC, is a MaxLiving Doctor with a relentless pursuit to bring the true principles of health and healing to Minnetonka and surrounding communities. With an extensive background in optimizing human potential and performance, Dr. Justin passionately conveys the these principles and the action steps necessary to make massive transformations to individuals and groups from all walks of life. As he firmly believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to take control of their health and vitality.

Dr. Justin is a Minnesota native, growing up in Excelsior, and graduated from Chaska High School. Although a multi-sport athlete through high school, he pursued hockey on the junior and collegiate levels. Dr. Justin studied biology and pre-health sciences through his undergraduate career at Gustavus Adolphus College and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. After traveling through Europe, Dr. Justin pursued the rigors of a doctorate program at Life University in Georgia.

As a personal Mission, Dr. Justin has set out to empower as many individuals and families as possible about the 5 Essentials of health in order to live an abundant, healthy life of passion and purpose. A mission that includes profoundly reducing unnecessary chronic disease, medication use, surgery, pain and illness. As our country is in dire need of a complete health reformation; starting with how we understand and approach our health. Dr. Justin holds advanced certifications, courses, and trainings in postural and structural correction, nutrition, functional movement and exercise, detox, and other advanced wellness protocols. Dr. Justin loves working with athletes; and after having a kid of his own... he LOVES working with moms and kids! Anyone looking to optimize their health and well-being is in the right hands.

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11349 MN-7, Minnetonka, Minnesota, 55305

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