Eye of Light

Eye of Light

Desiree Ruvalcaba, creator of The Eye of Light, specializes in spiritual coaching and energy alchemy. She helps individuals heal from trauma and discover their true essence by guiding them to see beyond limiting beliefs and remember their powerful, infinite nature as a spiritual being living a human experience. Desiree is particularly drawn to helping empaths and highly sensitive individuals realize their soul's purpose and empower their gifts & abilities. She truly enjoys exploring energy medicine, and currently practices:

Energy Alchemy: the process channeling and transforming disruptive, stagnant energy into a more free flowing, organic state
Marma Therapy: an Ayurvedic practice, using healing touch to release energy blockages and promote balance and flow
Fire Cupping: an Ancient Chinese therapy, using glass cups and flames to stimulate the flow of energy in the body
Sobada: a Mesoamerican massage therapy to help alleviate muscle tension and reposition the stomach, intestines, matrices and bladder when abnormally situated

Her sessions may also include divination tools such as crystals and Tarot, and the assistance of certain elements, spirit guides, ancestors, angels and deities.

Desiree offers virtual and in-person, one-on-one sessions tailored to the individual at the time of each session.

Business Highlights

Business Highlights
Minority Owned & Operated, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Women Owned & Operated

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Twin Cities metro area

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Holistic & Integrative Health Certification, Marma Therapy Certification, Emotion Code Certification,


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