Health Centered Dentistry

Health Centered Dentistry

Functional and holistic.

Health Centered Dentistry is committed to improving the health, education and whole body dental care of our patients. We do this by having a genuine interest in and concern for all those involved in our office.  Working together as a team and communicating well is an integral part of  achieving these goals.

  • Mercury-Free Dental Restorations
  • Myofunctional Therapy
  • Orthopedic Orthodontic Treatment
  • TMJ / TMD Treatment
  • Cavitation / Osteonecrosis Detection with CT Scan
  • Kavo Diagnodent™ Caries Detection
  • Snoring / Breathing / Sleep Apnea – Appliance Therapy
  • Intra-Oral Electrical Testing
    (Intra-Oral Galvanism)

At HCD we still practice the care of teeth like any other dental office. We do exams and cleanings, we fill cavities, we do orthodontics. It is just that our approach to dental care is a little different from conventional dentistry. We care for the whole body. We seek root causes of your issues. We help you seek health for your mouth by looking at the health of the entire body. We are a fluoride-free and amalgam-free office. We believe it is important to remove any possible toxins from dentistry work. Our approach is supporting your whole body health while healing your mouth using holistic methods. We see patients from across the U.S. who are seeking this holistic approach. We are here for any age, infants, youth and adults!

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