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Human Powered Health in Edina  is the first all-encompassing human performance testing experience to assess and improve health in the areas of movement, mindset, fuel, and recovery.

From VO2 Max Testing  to DXA Body Composition scans  individuals at all levels can achieve their health and wellness goals by combining the latest health technology and assessments with expert data-driven insights.

Message us using the contact form on the right to book your FREE 15-minute consultation with an exercise physiologist. You’ll discuss your health goals and determine the assessments that are best for you. .

Knowing everyone is unique, we provide an experience that meets people where they are, with a personalized approach, recommendations, and connections to our curated Performance Network.

We conveniently consolidate world-class talent, tools, and retail into one location. Take a 3D tour of our Lab and see all of our assessments at

Who are our tests for? 

  • Athletes: From 5K runners to Ultramarathoners, our tests can help you optimize your performance and dial in your training to reach your goals.
  • Wellness Seekers: People looking to live healthier, longer. We can support anyone interested in optimizing their longevity and living as active and healthy of life possible.

A few of our most popular services include:

  • VO2 Max Testing,
  • Running Gait Analysis,
  • Bike Fitting, and
  • DXA Body Composition Scanning.



M.Ed. , MS, CSCS, and PhD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this FSA/HSA eligible?

Yes, our assessments are mostly approved by HSA and FSA for reimbursement. You may need to submit your receipt to your insurance provider for reimbursement, and each HSA is unique.

I'm not an athlete, is this for me?

Yes, although we serve athletes we exist to power health and human performance for all. Our assessments can be altered to meet you at your current level of fitness. We’ve had individuals assess their walking gate to avoid falls complete testing in our lab.

How long does testing take?

Most appointments are 60-90 minutes, although the exact timing will depend on what tests you complete.

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2 reviews
  • Kristy Browman

    As an integrative health coach, I know it’s vital to understand what’s going on within your body, and how you can support it to function optimally.

    I went in for Human Powered Health’s new “Body Baseline Bundle” because I saw that it wasn’t only an incredible value, but that it would provide vital information to help reach my health and wellness goals.

    The overall testing process was seamless, and the cutting-edge technology gives you a truly personalized approach to health and fitness! Knowing my resting metabolic rate has allowed me to fine-tune my approach to nutrition and exercise, while the InBody body comp analysis has helped me adjust my fitness plan to see max results.

    While there, I got to meet 1:1 with Evan to help interpret the findings and brainstorm next steps. Afterwards, he sent me a link to my own athlete profile and the recommendations we had discussed in person earlier that day.

    I highly recommend Human Powered Health’s services to gain a more personalize and strategic approach to your wellness journey!

  • Louis Hughes

    I am a triathlon and running coach, so this will be my 5th test in a performance lab. Unfortunately, this was only my first test at HPH. After my lactate test , I spent time with the physiologists, dissecting the test results and engaging in a discussion on how to apply the findings to the upcoming training. The physiologists here are clearly passionate about what they do. If you’re a nerd for the science of performance (like me), this is your Candyland. I highly recommend this for all.

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