Kim Lovejoy Holistic Healing

Kim Lovejoy

Kim Lovejoy Holistic Healing

Kim Lovejoy is a therapist who draws on a variety of tools, including somatic experiencing, sandtray therapy, yoga, and body awareness to treat her clients holistically.

She provides a welcoming and safe space for her clients to seek and uncover their true and loving nature, letting go of the veils that can be blocking that connection.

Taking a creative and interactive approach, Kim welcomes you as you are.  One of her most powerful tools is somatic experiencing, a deeply integrative approach that helps to move and process trapped energy in the body.

If you're curious about integrating healing from all angles, Kim has a wide variety of holistic tools to work with, and she's here to support you in your healing journey.


LCSW (licensed clinical social worker)

SEP (somatic experiencing practitioner)

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700 Twelve Oaks Center Dr, Minnetonka, Minnesota, 55391

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  • Jessica

    Kim is a true healer. She is compassionate, wise, innovative and always learning about more types of amazing healing therapies to try. She is clearly passionate about her work and about sharing her knowledge so that others can heal. I have watched people go through, as well as personally experienced, deep emotional healing and personal transformation in the time that I have known her. I very highly recommend.

  • Jessie Doughty

    Kim is a caring and skilled therapist with a genuine desire to see individuals experience healing and freedom from symptoms. She desires for people to understand themselves in a way that increases effectiveness in living a life with joy and resilience. I recommend her without hesitation!

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