Think of us as your health squad, your wellness posse, your go-to crew for all things health-related. We're here to guide you, support you, and maybe even crack a few jokes to lighten the mood – because who said taking care of your health had to be so serious?

At MedStudio, we believe in the power of traditional and naturopathic solutions to unlock the secrets of optimal health and vitality. With multiple offices in Minnesota, we are dedicated to guiding individuals toward holistic well-being, starting with hormone testing – a fundamental tool in understanding the intricate dance of hormones within the body. The best part... We offer free consultations because we all want to be heard. The power of having someone truly listen to how we are feeling is something we can all relate to needing, especially these days.

We help with:
• Menopause
• Perimenopause
• Weight Struggles
• Hormonal Imbalances
• Thyroid Disorders
• Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
• Metabolic Imbalances
• Preconception or Fertility
• Pelvic Floor Therapy

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1 review
  • Nicole Dahl

    They truly saved my life. I was diagnosed with early stages of cancer. My regular doctor simply referred me to the Cancer Center at the U without any alternate option discussion. A friend introduced me to MedStudio and they truly listened to my fears and helped me on a holistic path that involved LDN, Supplements, Reiki and just being my emotional support. MedStudio provided me with options and worked with my regular doctor to help educate him. It was amazing. And today over 5 years later, I’ve never had to step foot inside that Cancer Center.
    Cheryl and the team of providers at MedStudio get to the bottom of how you’re feeling. The knowledge of natural health options they have is astounding. Highly recommend.

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