Momma Earth Occupational Therapy, Amber Scherkenbach

Momma Earth Occupational Therapy, Amber Scherkenbach

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Momma Earth supports families and littles to feel empowered through their understanding of sensory processing skills, motor development, and nervous system regulation in day-to-day activities, all while connecting deeper with the natural world and building community.

Amber Scherkenbach is the founder, owner and Occupational Therapist behind Momma Earth, LLC. She has vast experience working with people across the lifespan and a skilled understanding of sensory processing skills, motor development, and nervous system regulation, with a passion for taking her work outdoors!

Amber provides private nature-based Occupational Therapy services, group enrichment programs, a postpartum momma-baby tummy-time support group, parent coaching, virtual adult sensory profile consultations, and ongoing nature-play groups to children and their families from birth to six years in the south-metro area green spaces.

It is Amber’s mission to nurture a solid foundation for developing humans, submerged in nature, using research-based practices, a strength-based focus and child-led activities.

Empowering parents and caregivers to understand their littles and follow their lead, Amber channels her personal experience as a momma combined with her unique skills as an Occupational Therapist.


  • Group Enrichment Programs
  • Postpartum Momma-Baby Tummy-Time Support Groups
  • Parent Coaching
  • Adult Sensory Profile Consultations
  • Nature-Play Groups for Children 0-6yrs

Please reach out and book a free discovery call to see how Amber can support you and your family best! Lets ground ourselves in a circle of support.




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Business Highlights
Parking Lot Available, Women Owned & Operated
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Occupational Therapy (OT)?

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a healthcare profession which holistically supports clients, groups and communities to prevent, promote, develop, regain & maintain the skills, routines, and adaptations needed to engage in meaningful daily activities of life. In other words, OT’s look holistically at an individual (strengths, sensory & motor functions, and cognitive skills), their environmental context/available supports, and the activities/task-demands of day-day life.

How does Momma Earth do OT differently?

Amber is able to take the unique lens of OT and apply it to the roles and occupations of children and parents. Amber provides both a preventative community wellness model and direct private OT services at the individual level.
Amber provides these opportunities outside! All enrichment programs and direct private OT services are provided outside or in a natural environment; during extreme cold or winter months, indoor spaces at the nature center or your home may be utilized.

Where do we meet?

A nature space near you! Depending on the group, details will be provided at time of registration. Current groups are meeting at Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield, MN or other parks in the south metro.
If we are meeting privately, your home and outdoor space will be used as appropriate.

What do I need to bring?

- Clothing Considerations: LAYERS offer a broad range of comfort, wear something you are comfortable spending time moving (squatting, sitting, etc.) in, and the possibility of getting dirty.
- Coats (rain/snow/wind), gloves, hats, boots (snow/mud), sunglasses, etc.
- blanket to sit on (picnic blanket with water-resistant layer works great)
- sunscreen
- water in reusable bottle
- snacks
- anything else you might need for yourself or your child/baby.

Do you accept insurance?

No. Momma Earth does not partner with insurance providers, however services can be covered through Health Savings and Flexible Spending Accounts. This is under your discretion.
Cash, check, & card are accepted payment options. It is my hope to provide scholarships in the future.

What does the flow of the Tummy-Time Support Group look like?

It all begins with a moment of grounding, moving into opportunities to share or simply listen, and education on that week's topic, time to ask questions and play.
This group is meant for MOMMA & BABY - feel comfortable feeding your baby, snacking, allowing baby to sleep or play as necessary.

What happens on a discovery call?

Amber uses that time to discover what your needs are to ensure you choose the service that best aligns with your goals and values. It is not a commitment to the group, coaching or occupational therapy services, but an opportunity to ask questions and gain clarity.
Free Discovery Calls can be scheduled at:

Are these groups designed for first time mothers?

These groups are beneficial to first time mothers as well as mothers of multiple children. Please reach out to find what services will best suit you and your family.

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Momma Earth Occupational Therapy, Amber Scherkenbach 5 reviews

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5 reviews
  • Stephanie Curry

    Amber worked with me and my daughter when she was around 7 months old. My daughter was experiencing a lot of sensitivity and some gross motor delays related to her reflux. I found myself temporarily as a stay-at-home mom and was struggling to keep up and co-regulate with my baby who had big emotions. Over six sessions with Amber, we worked on sensory processing and motor skills, and spent a lot of time outdoors, co-regulating and exploring the new sensory opportunities with grass, trees, etc. Amber was always so gentle and respectful towards me and my baby. At the time, I was feeling very sensitive, just like my daughter, and it was extremely comforting to have someone like Amber come and show me new ways to support my baby and help her practice skills like tummy time and independent sitting. I never felt embarrassed when my baby cried or refused the activities; Amber was always there to support us through the tough moments even if that meant we spent the whole session co-regulating. I am so grateful to have found Amber. She has a vastly different approach to more traditional therapists we have since worked with at big institution clinics. She is full of sensitivity, empathy, a love of nature, and tons of professional skill and knowledge. I would highly recommend Amber for a wide variety of unique needs for infants or children. A great OT and mama!

  • Hannah

    Amber worked with my son when he was around 10 months old and having trouble tolerating time on his tummy and a resistance to crawling. She came to our home and was able to work with us in an environment where my son felt completely comfortable. She got to watch him in that environment and assess where he was struggling. She gave great recommendations for what my husband and I could work on with him in between visits. She explained things very clearly and celebrated all the things he was able to do. I am so proud to say that he now spends lots of time sleeping on his tummy and is crawling! We are so thankful for Amber’s treatment plan and the care she took when working with our son.

  • Dana

    This was the first play gathering we’ve gone to that didn’t end in tears or a meltdown for my daughter!

  • Anna

    My family gained a lot of knowledge and take aways in a short amount of time. Amber has so much to offer and did her best to supply us with everything she could in our time together. She was so helpful and opened my eyes to opportunities in play with my 2 year old. How to connect more and offer him (and me) emotional regulation and nervous system support. Today we were hopping around the house like rabbits and I just appreciated the extra movement it gave me + my son was laughing and having so much fun with me. Way better than me just walking around and missing a connection opportunity.

  • Deanna

    My 5 month old son and I attended the mini nature camp and it was delightful and educational! My son experienced hands on attention and learning with touching different textures in nature, and I (as mom) learned how this helps his development. Amber was kind, patient, and seems to truly enjoy what she is doing!

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