Christopher Gunlock – Open Mind Integration

Christopher Gunlock – Open Mind Integration

I prepare people who are using entheogenic/psychedelic medicines with journey planning, matching to a sitter, risk assessment, and post-integration.. Open Mind Integration is the process by which we create harmony between the expanded awareness states and the material aspects of our lives such as health, work, relationships and environment. These major transition points in life are opportunities to adjust the rigid egoic structures that prevent us from adapting to new circumstances. This brings harmony to destructive cycles, bad habits, automatic thinking, or a general sense of purposelessness. I also support those going through spiritual emergence/emergencies, which is often brought on by psychedelics. I do private coaching, teach classes, host legal plant medicine ceremonies, and offer free discussion groups.

I hold a Masters in Health Sciences in Integrative Medicine from The George Washington University School of Medicine with coursework in functional medicine, nutrition, metabolomics, mind/body medicine and endocrinology. At Maharishi International University I received his B.S. in Mathematics where I trained in Vedic philosophy, traditional medicine and advanced transcendental meditation. I served for 2 years as Executive Director at the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota and helped lead the Global Psychedelic Society Group during that time.

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