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SuNu Wellness Center


SuNu Wellness Center

Refresh and restore your body with chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, and nutrition services. We will help to guide you along your path to wellness. Our goal is to listen as we strive to truly know you and understand your unique vision for health.

We have the combined power of a team who knows how to collaborate. Together we can explore all of the options that professional, board-certified and highly educated practitioners can provide. The most rewarding experience for everyone involved with SuNu is that we get to experience and celebrate people getting well together. You will return to your life feeling refreshed and cared for, your health and energy restored.

Business Highlights

Business Highlights
LGBTQ+ Friendly, Parking Lot Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Child Friendly, Women Owned & Operated, Restrooms Available

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12455 Ridgedale Dr, Ste 203

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Doctor of Chiropractic


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  • Lilliana

    The experience I’ve had at SuNu has been incredible. They have a standard of care that goes above and beyond what I’ve received at a typical doctor’s office. At SuNu from the moment you walk in you know you belong. The staff is all so friendly and genuine, the atmosphere of the clinic is warm and safe, and the practitioners care deeply about seeing you become the best you. I love how the chiro doctors will collaborate with the bodywork team to create a care + healing process that is unique to you. Chiropractic + Acupuncture really helped me get through and relieve my pain and anxiety. I highly recommend SuNu for anyone needing care. Give them a call and they will most definitely listen and help you create a path to better health, whatever that may look like for you.

  • Erica

    SuNu is the best! Pick any practitioner, for any service, at either location and you’ll be blown away by the exceptional care and quality of service you receive. I love being able to go to one place and schedule multiple services for the whole family. We’re not running around to multiple specialists, they’re all under one roof, working together to serve the needs of me and my family. I can’t recommend SuNu enough.

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