Unlock Healing– QNRT, Mallery Hammers

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Unlock Healing– QNRT, Mallery Hammers

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Mallery Hammers is the owner of Unlock Healing and an advanced QNRT Practitioner.  QNRT stands for Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy and is used to release unidentified trauma from the body and unlock new neural pathways.

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Business Highlights
Masks Required, Women Owned & Operated

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Unlock Healing– QNRT, Mallery Hammers 1 review

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1 review
  • Alex Stalberger

    I live with postpartum anxiety ever since I had my daughter 4 years ago. While therapy is supportive, the session with Mallery offered a different sense of relief. The session was quick (about 25 minutes) and though there wasn’t a lot of talking about what was going on emotionally, after the session my body felt as though I had a HUGE cry. I felt light, re-energized, and honestly BAFFLED that the combination of light, sound, smell, and moving my eyes in various directions could have such a profound impact.
    I recommend this support to folx who are looking for nervous system support that requires minimal to no talking.

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