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Sage Advice on Aromatherapy

Anyone else looking to feel more grounded and calm these days? Aromatherapy is an incredible tool to help us access these feelings both mentally and physically.

If you’re thinking, “but where do I start?”, make sure to listen to Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast interview with Sammi Boerner, Certified Aromatherapist and owner of Sage Mind and Body

Sammi explains that essential oils are highly potent derivatives of various plants. Some are roots, others are leaves or flowers, but each have their own unique chemical properties. When you inhale or use the oils topically, your body chemically responds.

This chemical response leads to a physical response, like smoother digestion or more restful sleep. These reactions can also inspire emotional responses and energetic shifts. (Check out Sammi’s unique Chakra Balancing Blends)

Your skin and sinuses absorb the essential oils, Sammi explains, making it “essential” that high quality products are used.

While Sammi prefers to use USDA certified organic oils whenever possible, wild harvested or non-sprayed crops are great too. Check out your local co-op’s selection to get started!

A word of caution, while the essential oils are safe to most people, be careful when using them around young children or pets. Children and pets are much more sensitive to the oils. Check with your aromatherapist for a safe dilution.

Essential oils can really transform your bedroom, office, or family gathering space. Need a tip to get started?

Hear Sammi’s specific blend suggestions when you listen to the full episode!


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